Sunday, February 26, 2012

You know what they say...

...about owning your own business;
"You will work twice as many hours."
"You are your own Boss and secretary and book keeper and...."
"You will love what you do."
...and they are all correct.

The first of this list, I find, is the most challenging to get used too. It took a day of threatening rain and wind to keep me home from the Market.
(It does indeed look as if it going to snow in Central Florida today!) 
I will refrain from using the term "day off" since today will include the usual; laundry, floors, shopping, errands and some kitty scritchees.

Since early January the studio has been humming along nicely. For those of you that follow me on Facebook, the shows and classes have had some activity but alas, not as much as they should, just as my blog has been suffering as well.

On the other hand my new logo:
 and website have come along quite well.

Classes are still filling up at a good pace and I am thankful for that. Jewelry production on my behalf has come to a sudden standstill while I tinker around the studio and make changes almost daily, I am very happy with the space as it develops.

Soldering Stations

This is the lighting when I am alone in the space, cozy!

Nara soldering for a resin project.

Claudia working on a beautifully etched project.

Recently I was lucky enough to have a local Photographer and Video Director Steve Williams approach me about a creating a video about my classes, after about 5 hours of shooting in The Studio he created a fabulous video. 

My "Tuesday Nights with Jim" have continued but the format has changed, we have now developed an "Advanced" project based class on Tuesdays as well as a "One Sunday a Month" program featuring advanced "Techniques." You can contact me directly on this program and I would be happy to include you in the
e-mail list.

Oh, and yes an ETSY update is in my future as well!
Enjoy your Sunday!