Sunday, October 26, 2008

An Observation

Okay, follow me on this:
I made this pendant between Friday night and Saturday afternoon.
Now I recognize that I am still very new at this whole Silver Smithing thing and my finished products are far from perfect. (With every new piece I learn at least two important "rules", this one taught me more like 4 do's and don'ts.) I also realize that we are our own worst critics.

When I was done with this pendant I was not thrilled with it. It appeared to me to just be another pendant and definitely not as good as others that have been doing this for longer than...5 months.

I wanted these stones to really stand out so I strung them with some beautiful Black Onyx, Citrine and Sterling Silver. I was very proud to get some wonderful compliments on it in the first 30 minutes at the market today. But no more than an hour into my day it sold!

So in the next few weeks keep an eye out on the Silver Lining site (and here...promise!) since I will be conducting a little experiment with my set stones. From now on I will create necklaces utilizing my pieces, I will not be selling just pendants.

Stay Tuned (with fingers crossed, please!)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Studio Updates


How the heck did this happen?

(I said I was going to do my darnedest to

try to update my blog at least once every two days...HA,


The past two weeks have flown by, not unexpectedly. At my full time gig this is the last busy blast before the holidays when we come crashing to a halt. Now that that is all behind me I can get back to The Studio...and running...I hope.

A while ago I promised photos of The Studio, the painting is still not done but here it is, in all it's glory!
We just had a short visit from Jeff's aunt & uncle so a heap of stuff was unloaded from the guestroom into The Studio. The other wall has a window and a space for my photo-cube.
Those photos will come in time, promise.

The projects have been piling up in my head but I did have an aw-inspiring breakthrough last week. I was struggling with a piece for more than 4 days (This takes us back to the problem of only working in The Studio for short periods of time.) then suddenly it took a sharp right turn and ta-da...
My hubby looked at it and said "a suggestion of a leaf", hence the name...Suggestion. The good news / bad news it went on Etsy and sold within 3 days. It's breaking my heart that its all packed up but it's going to a good friend in South Florida who said when I visit I can wear it, thanks Lois!!!

There were two gem shows locally in the same number of weekends. You would be so proud, the fist show I said I was ONLY going to buy cabochons and that is EXACTLY what I did. Oh did I score big! One booth kept me occupied for about an hour (sorry Linda) and another I went back to 3 times! Here is the end result from one set...

This beauty went to Totally Unique Salon . They have a showcase of my pieces. The second similar ring will go on ETSY Sunday night ...if it does not sell at the market tomorrow!

The second show was today and I was not as disciplined as last weekend but my intentions were good. I was able to utilize two stones from last weekends show that I set this morning and some gorgeous beads from today to create this...

This beautiful necklace will also be posted on Silver Lining tomorrow night if it does not sell Sunday.

Time to go get ready for tomorrows big day at the Clermont Farmers Market, it's our One Year Anniversary!

Please come visit!


Sunday, October 5, 2008

The anxiety of Separation

It's not as awful as it sounds...

It has to do with my ETSY shop, nothing more...but nothing less either!

If you will please take notice on the right side of my page I now have two ETSY shops, this my friends was a decision that has pained me for days. I did not know if I had the time to manage two shops but at this sales pace, why not? I'd have to do it sometime, it only makes sense...right?

I was concerned with moving all of the Silver Lining items to their own location without enough items to really make it worth while. So I've been slaving away in The Studio as well as running over to the Art Center to sneak in a Saturday class. What a luxury, there were only three other students! It's such a different place in the daylight. The hot weather here in central Florida has finally broken and we were able to work with the door open.

Jim was in rare form greeting any visitor with, "Wanna make a ring?" By the time I had left 6 visitors had come though and 3 (all under the age of 8) had made rings to the delight of their parents!

Next was a sprint through the 32nd Annual Maitland Art Festival, this is never fair! Racing through such wonderful work on such a lovely day in a serene setting. Oh well ,I didn't spend a penny, until my next stop. (It seems I blew up an important part of my Studio on Friday night..oops.)

So, the shop needs a bit more paint and then pictures will show up, for now you'll just have to look at some of my latest pieces...

Do you like?