Sunday, October 26, 2008

An Observation

Okay, follow me on this:
I made this pendant between Friday night and Saturday afternoon.
Now I recognize that I am still very new at this whole Silver Smithing thing and my finished products are far from perfect. (With every new piece I learn at least two important "rules", this one taught me more like 4 do's and don'ts.) I also realize that we are our own worst critics.

When I was done with this pendant I was not thrilled with it. It appeared to me to just be another pendant and definitely not as good as others that have been doing this for longer than...5 months.

I wanted these stones to really stand out so I strung them with some beautiful Black Onyx, Citrine and Sterling Silver. I was very proud to get some wonderful compliments on it in the first 30 minutes at the market today. But no more than an hour into my day it sold!

So in the next few weeks keep an eye out on the Silver Lining site (and here...promise!) since I will be conducting a little experiment with my set stones. From now on I will create necklaces utilizing my pieces, I will not be selling just pendants.

Stay Tuned (with fingers crossed, please!)


Lois said...

Congratulations on the sale!!! I for one am not surprised that this stunning piece sold so quickly. I told you it was beautiful.

Please stop comparing yourself to other artists on etsy or elsewhere. You have a unique creative vision that you channel very well! I see it in your photography, in your interior design and now in your jewelry business. You leave me (and I'm sure others) wanting to see more and more.

This is not the bias of a good friend talking. Really, it's not!

Two Bees said...

Thanks Lois! I have really been taken by this process but find myself missing the creative beading process also, this will be a good opportunity for me to join the two. While I was at a much smaller bead show this weekend I found myself being pulled back to some of the most beautiful strands of stones and no idea these beads would work with this pendant, another Happy Accident! Enjoy your week!

Sunny said...

I too think this piece was LOVELY!!! I had mentioned to my hubby that I was planning on buying it if it didn't sell at market and someone didnt beat me too it. Your pieces are the most unique I have ever seen and I LOVE them!!
I'm SO glad Lois steered me your way!!!!

Two Bees said...

Thanks Sunny!
I am also glad someone other than myself is reading this blog!
Thanks to both of you for your kind words and support!

Sunny said...

Thanks for the comment on my diet page hun....I needed those words of encouragement today!!!!