Saturday, October 25, 2008

Studio Updates


How the heck did this happen?

(I said I was going to do my darnedest to

try to update my blog at least once every two days...HA,


The past two weeks have flown by, not unexpectedly. At my full time gig this is the last busy blast before the holidays when we come crashing to a halt. Now that that is all behind me I can get back to The Studio...and running...I hope.

A while ago I promised photos of The Studio, the painting is still not done but here it is, in all it's glory!
We just had a short visit from Jeff's aunt & uncle so a heap of stuff was unloaded from the guestroom into The Studio. The other wall has a window and a space for my photo-cube.
Those photos will come in time, promise.

The projects have been piling up in my head but I did have an aw-inspiring breakthrough last week. I was struggling with a piece for more than 4 days (This takes us back to the problem of only working in The Studio for short periods of time.) then suddenly it took a sharp right turn and ta-da...
My hubby looked at it and said "a suggestion of a leaf", hence the name...Suggestion. The good news / bad news it went on Etsy and sold within 3 days. It's breaking my heart that its all packed up but it's going to a good friend in South Florida who said when I visit I can wear it, thanks Lois!!!

There were two gem shows locally in the same number of weekends. You would be so proud, the fist show I said I was ONLY going to buy cabochons and that is EXACTLY what I did. Oh did I score big! One booth kept me occupied for about an hour (sorry Linda) and another I went back to 3 times! Here is the end result from one set...

This beauty went to Totally Unique Salon . They have a showcase of my pieces. The second similar ring will go on ETSY Sunday night ...if it does not sell at the market tomorrow!

The second show was today and I was not as disciplined as last weekend but my intentions were good. I was able to utilize two stones from last weekends show that I set this morning and some gorgeous beads from today to create this...

This beautiful necklace will also be posted on Silver Lining tomorrow night if it does not sell Sunday.

Time to go get ready for tomorrows big day at the Clermont Farmers Market, it's our One Year Anniversary!

Please come visit!


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Lois said...

I LOVE the last necklace! Barb, you are creating some really beautiful work in your new Studio (the DREAM letters are so appropriate).

I've been thinking about the photo of the other stones you sent to me ... I'm liking the "Desert Map" concept more and more. As I said before, you are going to make it hard for me to narrow down my choice for a second piece!!!

Keep creating!