Sunday, October 5, 2008

The anxiety of Separation

It's not as awful as it sounds...

It has to do with my ETSY shop, nothing more...but nothing less either!

If you will please take notice on the right side of my page I now have two ETSY shops, this my friends was a decision that has pained me for days. I did not know if I had the time to manage two shops but at this sales pace, why not? I'd have to do it sometime, it only makes sense...right?

I was concerned with moving all of the Silver Lining items to their own location without enough items to really make it worth while. So I've been slaving away in The Studio as well as running over to the Art Center to sneak in a Saturday class. What a luxury, there were only three other students! It's such a different place in the daylight. The hot weather here in central Florida has finally broken and we were able to work with the door open.

Jim was in rare form greeting any visitor with, "Wanna make a ring?" By the time I had left 6 visitors had come though and 3 (all under the age of 8) had made rings to the delight of their parents!

Next was a sprint through the 32nd Annual Maitland Art Festival, this is never fair! Racing through such wonderful work on such a lovely day in a serene setting. Oh well ,I didn't spend a penny, until my next stop. (It seems I blew up an important part of my Studio on Friday night..oops.)

So, the shop needs a bit more paint and then pictures will show up, for now you'll just have to look at some of my latest pieces...

Do you like?


Sunny said...

Oh My GOSH!! I LOVE the pendant- the caramel one on here!!

It's awesome!! I just got Hubby to send you payment for my pendant so I'll be contacting you soon about my ring details.

I'm so indecisive about things- I want my ring to sort of match the pendant you made me- but on the other hand i want it to be antiqu-ie like the caramel colored one on here!!
is there a style that would be a crossover to both styles?

What to do- what to do!!!

Two Bees said...

Thanks Sunny, you are the first to reply to my blog, for a while there I thought I was writing so I could read it over and over and over....

Sunny said...

LOl- no probs doll....You gotta put your blog address on your sites tho- and cruise the blogs and comment on some of them as well to get a following. I didn't know where to look for your blog til I re-read one of the e-mails you sent me in regards to our transaction and had to go back and hunt it up o find it!

I love blogging- been doing it for about 4 years now. I have to hand it to you- you are dedicated to have TWO websites AND a blog. I have a myspace and a blog and can't hardly keep up with them!

And o be honest- you DO have to treat your blog as if it's ONLY for you to read for it to be worth going on til you get a following!!

Good Luck with all your endeavors doll!!

Two Bees said...

I thought that's how you found it!
I believe both sites have it on them, ETSY does not let you hyperlink except for other ETSY sites. Thanks for the encouragement and tips!

Lois said...

Barb, I really like your new designs, especially Haze. Will you be making more items working with stones' natural shapes?

Sunny's pendant really turned out well. You are so talented!

Sunny said...

Beautiful new ring!! Awesome dark blue-green color!!

Two Bees said...

Oh Lois, you have no idea!
Last weekend was a gem show and I have some of the most beautiful new stones! I will be taking Friday and Saturday as Studio days, I really hope to not only create some more beauties but also update the blog!
Thanks for the thumbes up on the ring Sunny...much more to come!