Monday, June 28, 2010

Site Update!

I've finally got some time on my hands to update the Silver Lining shop and here! It's been a busy bit with work and catching up in The Studio.

I've had a bunch of remants lingering, just waiting for me to get some time to saw away on them for some additions to my Puddles collection: 

Hammered Tears

Brushed Tears

Cown Moulding Earrings

Hanging Tears

As soon as I got back from my summer workshop, a week of learning "Forming" I purchased a Synclastic Stake. It's a strange looking tool but it helps in forming some of the coolest designs, most importantly for me; Memory Rings:

Patterned Spinner

Hammered Spinner

My Spinner or Memory Collection

Everything is now in The Shop!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

To Begin Again

I have spoken in the past of the line I try to walk between my FTG (Full Time Gig) and my limited time in the studio. In just the past week I have committed to two more classes (each just for a day or the weekend.) and have put aside any further shows through the hottest part of the summer. I am even contemplating not attending the Farmers Market through September...I am struggling. There are days I awake and I can tell very quickly whether time is on my side or not, recently time has not been my friend.
Since returning from our summer trip my head has been swimming with ideas but it seems they only swim in circles. Each time I walk into my studio I am greeted by an array of projects started and abandoned due to lack of time or sheer desire to complete them.

This morning I took a long walk, well before the mercury had a chance to creep into the 90's, then a swim and headed into my sacred space. Today I entered with new eyes and was able to begin those sparks of ideas again.

All of these dreams that have been sitting patiently finally took flight:

The Ice Princess Ring

Two pair of earrings, part of my Puddles collection, with a pair of my new
"Crown Molding" earrings.

Two more with a hammered texture.

...and finally earrings that were started in class almost two months ago!

As I sit and type an evening storm is brewing and the temperatures have dropped again. This time of the year the thunder rolls across the sky slowly and for us unfortunately, it is usually off in the distance. The light shows are amazing and I almost always stop to stand in the entryway of the house to watch. (I apologize but I have tried to photograph this spectacle but is impossible.) The remainder of this evening will be dedicated to updating Der Shop and cleaning up.

In the background my tumbler is spinning with the last of today's completed projects and the thought of spending most of tomorrow in the studio again is enough to keep my dreams full of what I can work on, free to know that I can finally move on!
Have a great evening!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Back on the Range

We arrived home Sunday evening...oh, how I wish I could have stayed another week! Jeff and I enjoyed a wonderful dinner with 2 lucky ladies that are both staying at William Holland for another week of classes, I am so envious!
Before classes ended on Friday all of the rooms participate in a Show and Tell.
(The time is very limited, it's just before lunch so I did not get to enough tables...)

Emmie's flowers from our Forming Class

Jeff's Glass class

Ginny's first piece from Wood Carving.

Once again, a great week of learning and laughter! Friends were made, and skills were tested.

When we headed up to William Holland last year we stopped off in Atlanta to overnight with my best friend from High School, Melody and her husband Lew. We did the same this year, on the way home. Dinner was wonderful in a trendy Atlanta restaurant. It seems I have begun to acquire a taste for "Shrimp and Grits". Since they were on the menu I had to have them to compare them to the meal I had at Farm 255 in Athens, my meal was just as spectacular! Who knew? What have I been missing all this time? (When we arrived home I looked up some recipes...Do you think it could be the butter and cheese? No wonder they are soooo good!)

Sunday we woke to a beautiful morning, the view from our window was picture perfect!

Mel and I spent a leisurely morning loafing around while Jeff and Lew attended an early morning car meet. Breakfast was had in the backyard...we said our goodbyes and headed back to Florida.

All in all we had another memorable week and are looking forward to heading back to William Holland. I strongly suggest this type of "time off" for anyone that follows any kind of passion. The collection of personalities, art and nature is sure to energize anyone! That said, I am very thankful for Jeff's willing participation, he always seems to enjoy the week is always happy with what he accomplishes. In the past week I've continued to experiment with the techniques learned during the week.

Get over the idea that only children should spend their time in study. Be a student so long as you still have something to learn, and this will mean all your life. ~Henry L. Doherty

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

3 Days in One!

In order to "Catch ya'll up" we'll stroll together, photographically, through day's 1, 2 and 3! Beginning with leaving our beloved Athens we headed to Jittery Joe's one more time. We felt this was important since the 'ol garage will be gone by the end of the summer. After our refueling we were on our way. We stopped in Dalonega for lunch and discovered a great little place known as the Crimson Moon.

Live music as we walked in and great food...   what more could you ask for?
We got to Young Harris in time for dinner (this time) and were in bed early, to be ready for class the next morning.  Day one proved very productive for both of us, by lunch I had my two small leaves completed 

and well on my way to screwing up the first of my two bracelets.

Here is a picture of Jim showing us how to make them, correctly!

Jeff on the other hand got a great start...

His glass fusing is going very well!

Day two proved to be much better for me. We began by making more bracelets (Which I now realize I must get photo's of...) making hammers,

 and moving onto Spiculum forms... (A Spiculum is a hollow tube that we form out of a piece of flat copper.) Here is a shot of 4 steps of making one:

At this point we are all onto creating all sorts of pieces form what we have learned,

whether in the classroom or

in the hallway which is where we are when we have hammers in our hands!

Wednesday's at William Holland are half days, most classes are held until noon. This gives everyone the chance to spend the rest of the day exploring. Jeff and I went to Hiawassee (GA.) to run some errands (hopefully get phone signal, no luck) and have dinner. We watched the rains come in then move out to reveal a beautiful cloud scene while up at Brasstown Bald lookout.

Tomorrow is Thursday, a full day of classes. I'll try to get some more photo's of the school and our progress!

Have a great night!