Monday, June 28, 2010

Site Update!

I've finally got some time on my hands to update the Silver Lining shop and here! It's been a busy bit with work and catching up in The Studio.

I've had a bunch of remants lingering, just waiting for me to get some time to saw away on them for some additions to my Puddles collection: 

Hammered Tears

Brushed Tears

Cown Moulding Earrings

Hanging Tears

As soon as I got back from my summer workshop, a week of learning "Forming" I purchased a Synclastic Stake. It's a strange looking tool but it helps in forming some of the coolest designs, most importantly for me; Memory Rings:

Patterned Spinner

Hammered Spinner

My Spinner or Memory Collection

Everything is now in The Shop!

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