Monday, August 24, 2009

For Every Step Forward...

The whole idea of taking the summer off from festivals and the Sunday Market was to get "caught up" on my inventory...that has only worked some-what for me. Jeff and I did have 1.5 fabulous vacations but when it comes to building inventory...oh well.
I went to the Market this past Sunday and was extremely low on inventory but for quite an extraordinary see the Maitland Art Center opened up an entire showcase in their Museum Store for me! Much to my surprise I was told the store was looking for students to submit work for the stores inventory. (When Jeff and I joined the Center the store would not except student OR teachers work but it seems that there was a change of heart and Dierdre has been getting the word out.)
I submitted some of my pieces then sat back and waited, low and behold Dierdre sent me an e-mail asking me to stop by with some items for the store! (YEE HA! I must say I am so excited to have this opportunity!)
Once I got to the store I had a chance to catch up a bit and look at all the other work that was there, when I turned around Dierdre had emptied the entire front showcase for me!

I mixed my pieces in with some beautiful boxes created by another local artist, Kaye Hanna, they are just spectacular!

If you live locally I strongly suggest you stop by the Maitland Art Center...not because they are carrying my work but because places like the MAC don't usually survive times like this. They are little fortress' of hope for communities of people who work to share their love and their vision with anyone who will take the time to look.

Finally...Thank you to the all the Members and Board of the MAC for believing in their students!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Working Hard...

...or Hardly working?
Since our return from vacation I've been thinking about how little time we have to do the things we would like to or even enjoy the time we do have. We have a very nice backyard and pool but never really seem to spend any leisure time there. I've been on a quest to remedy that...I've been on the hunt for two VERY COMFY chairs. Low and behold I found them at Patios to Go right here in Minneola! So first thing this morning Jeff and I sat outside enjoying our coffee on our new corner of the patio! Thanks Teresa and Darren! (Roger and Houdini both love the otto-man!)

Jeff has worked about 14 hours a day on Friday and Saturday so that left me alone in the studio all day yesterday... I have finally made some progress!

My favorite piece from this weekend end is one I am calling Noonday Sun. I cut this piece of Gold Stone while I was at William Holland, I love how easy it was to work with and the shine is spectacular!

It is paired with a Mushroom Cloud Agate from Oregon...who names this stuff?

A beautiful Turquoise ring will find it's way to Der Shop today along with my ever-popular
Puddles earrings.

Enjoy your Sunday!