Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Time Off

Update...a new leaf?
Maybe this was some sort of a sign; on my way to my Silver class the Art Center called to say Jim was not feeling well and we would not have class tonight, ummmm, what does this mean? (Other than the obvious...Jim's not feeling well tonight?) Well this gives me a good opportunity to get home, update my blog, get two necklaces posted on ETSY and possibly finish one!

Away we go................

Token...on ETSY now.

Reinventing the Wheel, posted on Silver Lining now!

Bumps in the Road...not yet completed!

Original Post...........................

I'm not too sure what is going on with me, I seem to be "off". Whatever it is has taken hold since our return from vacation.
I got back from William Holland all charged up, ready to take on some new challenges when it comes to texture and form. I created 3 new "Dimensional" pieces using copper (I don't mind experimenting with copper, I do mind with silver...$.) that I will have completed by the end of class on Wednesday as well as one custom piece.

But that's IT!

That's all I have to show for almost 14 days of being home!
(I have just applied to 3 fall festivals...I better get my act together!)

The hotel is getting closer to opening and soon I won't be "allowed out to play" due to work levels...and I know this! The ESTY shop has come to a complete halt due to my lack of attention, and the Market has just been too hot for folks to come out...so it's not just me?

I get home at night, cook dinner for the hubby and I (when I'm not going to class) avoid my Studio...what the heck?

This is question for anyone that can offer up any insight. I have never come to a lull like this before.

Since our vacation was compressed, for a myriad of reasons, Jeff has planned a 4 day weekend in St. Augustine for us...just what I was hoping for, really. Although I realize this is another weekend of not getting anything accomplished, in the jewelry sense, I think getting my groove back might be dependant on this trip. This just might do it!

Fingers crossed please!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Back to NoRMal...almost!

We had a great time on our vacation (Jeff's been calling it "Summer Camp") but we were glad to come home, for a number of reasons.
The MAIN reasons:

While we were gone Jeff received a letter from "Homeland Security" announcing his date for swearing in ceremony and that day was today! Since my folks were in town watching the Grandcats while we were gone they stayed to share in this special day. After 7 years of being "in process" this part has gone really quickly and EVERYONE Jeff has come in contact with has been helpful and friendly. So after only three hours of sleep we all piled in the JTD and headed out for his big event. The building was full of smiling people and the ceremony itself was quite nice.

Here my friends is our new American Citizen!

Although my folks were here for a little over 2 weeks and I'm sure they wanted to get home, they asked to stay for this special day. Not only was this a great idea but fitting, see my parents are both German born and also Naturalized Citizens, it was a great opportunity for them to re-experience this and share the time with us!

Thanks Mom & Dad for all your help and support!

On the creative home-front the week has not gone by without at least one thing being completed...a special order for Maryann:

Back to the 'ol grind, but not without a weekend first...

... thank goodness!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Where was I?

Please forgive me, I'm playing catch-up, big time! This was one of the last photo's I took in Young Harris before Jeff and I headed out to Savannah...where we have been since yesterday. I promised to post some photos of "Show & Tell" from Friday, so here are some of the final pieces from Week 11 at William Holland School of Lapidary Arts.

Stone Carving

Fused Glass

Sliver 2 / Forming, (my next class) don't be confused because of the size of the pieces the process is taught in copper. Students can work in their own silver if they wish.

Karens Collection of Cabichons (Final tally, 59!)

Jeff's collection of Fine Silver from Casting Class

These photos were taken just before lunch on Friday, we had about 3 additional hours before the big cleanup so I got 4 more stones completed before the end of the week. I am very satisfied with my work!

I asked Jeff to take some photos of his class, the casting process is very interesting;

Jeff's preformed wax pieces

Melting the silver and getting ready to pour.

Finishing on the polishing wheel.

Broom Casting
(If you look at Jeff's collection of finished pieces, the broom casting creations are the one's all the way on the right in the top row. This is a process is a fun process of gathering broom straw (soaking it in water) then melting the silver and pouring it in the wet straw. the final result is very organic and can be made into some really cool designs.)

Friday evening another local Art School, John C. Campbell Folk School had a Blue Grass Festival. We loaded up the JTD with fellow students and headed out. During the concert I had a chance to walk around their facility, it is beautiful...

Woodworking Mill

Jewelry / Metalwork Studio
Pottery Kiln Shed
Friday came and went much too soon for all of us. We said our good bye's and headed out to Savannah just in time for July 4th fireworks!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Something I did not mention about being up here in the mountains of Georgia...is VERY limited access...actually let me rephrase that. Very limited EVERYTHING. With the exception of big blue skies, fresh clean air,big mosquitoes and lot's of talent. We have now gone 5 days with NO PHONE ACCESS! For me this also means no BlackBerry access...this, my friends, is a very good thing!
Yesterday we had a half day of classes. Which meant we were all working feverishly to get work done. Chris, our instructor is a very patient and kind man, he let us stay 4 hours longer than we should have.
Chris giving a demo.
Terry and Jim

Roxanne's husband Doug.

Karen, who has been working next to me is currently the schools record holder of cabochons. (As of today she is at 56!)

Just a sample of Karen's stash!

Tomorrow is sadly our last day, it is also the schools "show and tell." Everyone attending classes gets to visit all the other classrooms to see what the courses in tale and see what the other students have done. Jeff has completed some beautiful fine silver Celtic knots which will be completed tomorrow, here is a sneak peek:
We took the opportunity to get out to the Blue Ridge Parkway during our off hours yesterday. I mentioned in past postings that this area used to be part of our motorcycle vacation, but we have not been on the Blue Ridge in almost 7 years. Pisgah National Forest is one of my favorite places in this country, even after 4 years (and 5 more National Parks) in the west. (Zion is a close second.) The first step out of the "JTD" onto the lookout I almost cried. It is such a joy to see layers upon layers of tree covered mountains, green as far as the eye can see.

As the hours flew by the colors and views just got more stunning. I have a true need to spend more time here.

See ya'll tomorrow...