Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Time Off

Update...a new leaf?
Maybe this was some sort of a sign; on my way to my Silver class the Art Center called to say Jim was not feeling well and we would not have class tonight, ummmm, what does this mean? (Other than the obvious...Jim's not feeling well tonight?) Well this gives me a good opportunity to get home, update my blog, get two necklaces posted on ETSY and possibly finish one!

Away we go................

Token...on ETSY now.

Reinventing the Wheel, posted on Silver Lining now!

Bumps in the Road...not yet completed!

Original Post...........................

I'm not too sure what is going on with me, I seem to be "off". Whatever it is has taken hold since our return from vacation.
I got back from William Holland all charged up, ready to take on some new challenges when it comes to texture and form. I created 3 new "Dimensional" pieces using copper (I don't mind experimenting with copper, I do mind with silver...$.) that I will have completed by the end of class on Wednesday as well as one custom piece.

But that's IT!

That's all I have to show for almost 14 days of being home!
(I have just applied to 3 fall festivals...I better get my act together!)

The hotel is getting closer to opening and soon I won't be "allowed out to play" due to work levels...and I know this! The ESTY shop has come to a complete halt due to my lack of attention, and the Market has just been too hot for folks to come out...so it's not just me?

I get home at night, cook dinner for the hubby and I (when I'm not going to class) avoid my Studio...what the heck?

This is question for anyone that can offer up any insight. I have never come to a lull like this before.

Since our vacation was compressed, for a myriad of reasons, Jeff has planned a 4 day weekend in St. Augustine for us...just what I was hoping for, really. Although I realize this is another weekend of not getting anything accomplished, in the jewelry sense, I think getting my groove back might be dependant on this trip. This just might do it!

Fingers crossed please!


susie said...

Your pictures from camp are amazing-that is my type of sleep away camp. Looks like you guys were able to take a lot of really cool classes. Hang in there, relax, regroup, the work will still be there when you are ready (at least that's what I tell myself-I sometimes go weeks without working on jewelry). Maybe paint a picture or do something else creative to get the juices flowing (I'm learning to knit which I love because it is a cheap hobby I can take with me anywhere and work on)

Two Bees said...

Yup Susie, I know you are right, thanks. It's just strange when it happens. This type of thing has happened to me when it come to working out, I just hit some sort of wall that forces me to lose motivation. Try as I might it comes in it's own time. I just stress and push to get "it" to hurry up and get back! This has never happened to me in my silver work before.
Thanks for your insight, I might try running tonight too.

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Take all the time in the world: creative forces are mercurial
and move to their own drummer... Fill all your wells and see what happens! I know you'll find exactly what you need to thrive on :)