Thursday, July 2, 2009

Something I did not mention about being up here in the mountains of VERY limited access...actually let me rephrase that. Very limited EVERYTHING. With the exception of big blue skies, fresh clean air,big mosquitoes and lot's of talent. We have now gone 5 days with NO PHONE ACCESS! For me this also means no BlackBerry access...this, my friends, is a very good thing!
Yesterday we had a half day of classes. Which meant we were all working feverishly to get work done. Chris, our instructor is a very patient and kind man, he let us stay 4 hours longer than we should have.
Chris giving a demo.
Terry and Jim

Roxanne's husband Doug.

Karen, who has been working next to me is currently the schools record holder of cabochons. (As of today she is at 56!)

Just a sample of Karen's stash!

Tomorrow is sadly our last day, it is also the schools "show and tell." Everyone attending classes gets to visit all the other classrooms to see what the courses in tale and see what the other students have done. Jeff has completed some beautiful fine silver Celtic knots which will be completed tomorrow, here is a sneak peek:
We took the opportunity to get out to the Blue Ridge Parkway during our off hours yesterday. I mentioned in past postings that this area used to be part of our motorcycle vacation, but we have not been on the Blue Ridge in almost 7 years. Pisgah National Forest is one of my favorite places in this country, even after 4 years (and 5 more National Parks) in the west. (Zion is a close second.) The first step out of the "JTD" onto the lookout I almost cried. It is such a joy to see layers upon layers of tree covered mountains, green as far as the eye can see.

As the hours flew by the colors and views just got more stunning. I have a true need to spend more time here.

See ya'll tomorrow...


Roger said...

Stunning images of the mountains and landscapes. Lucky you.

Lois said...

Beautiful photos as usual, Barb. I'm very impressed with The New American's Celtic knots! I didn't realize there was more to this school than working with stones. Looks like you're both having a great time.

Two Bees said...

Thanks Roger & Lois!
This part of the trip was agreed upon before we left Florida and I could not wait for Wednesday! I'm glad the photos come across so well!
Lois I want to go back for another class before September...wanna go?
Go to the website and pick a class!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Can I come with you next year?????
How exciting!


Two Bees said...

Sunny, this place is amazing...$315.00 for the week of instruction, food and room! The list of classes is great too. Come on over, it was a blast and I wanna go back THIS year! It would be great to have a week of Etsy artists!