Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I'm sitting in the dining hall of William Holland Lapidary School in the mountians of Georgia, watching the Tuesday night auction. It's been a packed 2 days since I posted from Athens. Jeff and I spent Saturday morning wandering around the last of Athfest and bought a small painting from CapMan:

I got to meet up with Monica from Jones Handmade Goods again. Jeff and I met her a couple of years ago at Athfest when we bought our monkey sconce. I've been keeping up with her on Etsy and finally bought one of her bunny's for my studio:

We had a faboulous dinner with Melody and Lew then spent the evening with Melody and I talking about our school days. The following morning Mel pulled out our old JR. High School yearbooks, oh what memeories! Lew took us for a drive to a local (Atlanta) auction house to wander around and pick out some favorites for the next auction:
This is Mel's favorite:
Jeff's Pick:

Lew, Melody, myself and and Jeff.

It was much too short a visit but Mel and I promised to stay in touch. Sunday afternoon we headed out to Young Harris.

Driving thorough the hills we finally saw the first of the "mountians", I really miss this area. The air is different and the views are spectacular.

We made it to "camp", just in time for the end of dinner!

Stay tuned tomorrow for the first days of class'!

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