Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day 1, Onward.

We left home about an hour later than we expected, for us that is unbelievable!

Knowing the boys are in good hands we could head north with no concerns, from Minneola, FL to Athens GA. a favorite stop along the way.
Thanks mom & dad for taking such great care of the grand-cats!

There is a motorcycle campground that sells T-Shirts that says "Florida: 318 miles, 11 turns", it's pretty accurate.
Diego keeping an eye out for deer. (Jeff has a lost spaceman as his mascot in the Jetta, Diego is my co-pilot.)

Florida is a long flat state but I really love the back-roads and small towns along the east coast. We typically take this route to our annual motorcycle vacation, Orlando to Knoxville, but since our usual vacation event was canceled this year we decided to head to William Holland instead. We did not make this trip for the 4 years we were in Vegas and have only made it once in the two years we've been back in Florida, I miss so many parts of this trip. Some things have changed; the sunflower farm has turned to the more profitable corn, a school-bus graveyard has sprung up:

but the miles of cow farms and acres of crops still exist, thank goodness.

We made it to Athens a bit later than expected:

Our favorite coffee house in the dark. Sigh, we'll have to wait till morning!

but had a great surprise upon arriving. For those of you that are not familiar with Athens, it is the home of the University of Georgia, founded in 1785! It has one of the most beautiful campus' I have ever been on. On our way back from our annual trip we usually get a chance to wander the last hours of Athfest, a huge local music / arts festival. Well my friends this time we have stumbled upon the opening days of this fantastic festival, completely by accident! We did not even think about it! Oh, what a sweet, happy accident!

Stay tuned for a great festival update!

PS: For those of you that did not see the comments in my last post; Jeff aced his citizenship interview! He will be an official US Citizen (and always a proud Canadian) by the end of summer!

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