Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 2, the Journey Continues

Home of the Georgia Bull Dawgs

Power Dawg, my personal favorite.

Jittery Joe's Dawg

Fire House Dawg (shouldn't he be black & white???)

Five Points Dawg

This, my friends, is just a small sampling of all the art dawgs around town. If I had the time I would research all of them but here I think you get the idea! (Jeff suggested I do a "Dawg of the Day"...there are too many.)

We got out somewhat early and wandered around the campus for a bit, yes, I have been reminded of why we love this town!

We wandered the streets of downtown and stopped in to see some old and new friends. Our favorite book store has turned into the Red Dress, very nice dresses.
Jeff and I both took notice of how many of the local ladies, young and old alike, were wearing dress' in this town.
Masada Leather and Outdoor has been in town since 1975. It's a usual stop for Jeff and I, we always wind up staying for quite sometime, the place is a treasure. Today while we were in Irvin was making a belt for a little guy of about 3, a gift from his grand-dad. I think they just started a family tradition.
(Sunny this shot is for you!)

Just next door to to Irvin's place is another favorite shop, Athens Jewelers. Danna & William have been in Athens since 1990 specializing in handcrafted Jewelry but I scored some beautiful beads at her place!

Later in the evening as Athfest was getting going we wandered around before dinner. Once we got back the place was jamming with music, art booths and all kinds of weirdness.

Car Art at it's best!

Be sure to come back tomorrow for some daytime Athfest fun!


Lois said...

Bob is jealous and wants to know where you went to dinner.

Two Bees said...

Cozy Yum, Yum the first night, actual "hole in the wall" Thai. Doc Chey on the second night only because we were not really hungry and we don't know where there are others!

Monica Jones said...

Can I please tell you that my dog Ted goes bananas - growling and barking- whenever we drive past an Art Dawg in town?! It was so great to see you two, I hope you enjoy your bun painting! Thanks again!

Roger said...

Nice pics.