Sunday, June 14, 2009

"Mine" the Sequel

To see "Mine" (Mind) Part I go HERE.

So I've discovered I'm not the only one doing this these days:
Something for Him:

More cufflinks headed to Silver Lining in time for Dad's day!

Something for Her:

"My Project" also headed to Silver Lining tomorrow.

Something (else) for ME!

(Not headed anywhere but out with me! )

I've never made myself a large ring, my hands are so small I usually wear mittens in the winter 'cause I can hardly ever find gloves that fit (okay, I meant while we lived in Vegas, not now!).

I was so inspired by the custom ring in my last posting that I dug through my big "box of rocks" and found this beautiful Botswana Agate for ME! Two and a half days later I emerged from The Studio with a small happy bundle of pieces and one for me.

More of the new stash:

Everyone Calls her "Windy" (my first brooch!)

"Sunset" headed to Herding Cats tomorrow.

...and one more sneak peak since I promised I would have this one completed soon:

"Hanging A Round"

It was a great day at the Farmers Market today but very hot. I will get to posting these items in the Shops tomorrow!

Happy Sunday night!


All items (and more) have been posted in both shops this evening!

All links are now working, sorry for the delay!


Sunny Rising Leather said...

Hooray for 'mind's :) What a lovely collection of pieces!!

Lois said...

Awesome new stuff, Barb! Looooove the kite!!! I'm kinda surprised you don't keep more of your beautiful pieces ... if I were you, I'd have a hard time giving many of them up. They'd all be MINE!

Two Bees said...

Thanks for the inspiration ladies!Allison, can't wait to get my new necklace and Lois Lucy should be on her way back tomorrow!

Elaine said...

Wow, you have been tinkering away (do silversmiths tinker?) :)! I love the ring that you have made for yourself and the kite brooch would be perfect for today's sunshine. Hope the stone cutting is going well too!

susie said...

OK, you have just motivated me to keep with it. I think I like the kite best (the little bows on the tail make the piece). Have a good one.