Saturday, June 20, 2009


My time in The Studio has been limited for no other reason other than I feel as if I have too much to do, in and out of my sacred space.

I can't seem to focus so I've been trying to concentrate on finishing up projects that I have already started or one's that I'm not quite happy with.

Jeff and I will be leaving for William Holland Lapidary School this Thursday the day after his Citizenship Interview!!!! (Yippee!) He's been taking this seriously and studying. (I quizzed him on the Pledge of Allegiance yesterday, he did great!)
Please keep your fingers crossed for!

This was supposed to be our motorcycle vacation, we take one every year, but since we'll be in the classroom almost the entire time and it's been extreamly HOT we decided to not tourture ourselves and take the new JTD.

(Jewelry Transportation Devise).
Now we can take our bicycles! We're making a roadtrip out of this and stopping "along the way" in various places yet to be determined!

So since I've been aimless this weekend (as well as during this blog for which I deeply apologize) I will leave you with two projects that I have been able to complete and will be making their way to the Silver Lining shop this evening!



Have a wonderful Saturday night!


Kaerie Faerie said...


Two Bees said...

I quizzed him on all the questions in his study guide this morning and he got them ALL right! Yippee!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Congratulations on Jeff's Citizenship - and wow - that mystery neklace stone - is it imperial?

Two Bees said...

Thanks Sunny! Tomorrow is the big day but with the quiz I gave him on Sunday I have no doubt he'll fly through with no worries. That stone is really a mystery, no one can really put a finger on it but I do think it is Imperial also!

susie said...

Lovely pieces! Hope Jeff did well on his citizenship test.

Totally jealous of lapidary classes -where were they? I'm trying to talk my hubby into learning all lapidary so he can keep me in rocks. Take care.

Two Bees said...

Great news! Jeff passed with flying colors!!! (Red, white and blue!)They almost scheduled him for his swearing in cerermony on July 3rd but we're out of town so he'll be "official" by the end of summer! Thanks for all your well wishes!
Susie, we're headed to William Holland Lapidary School in Young Harris, GA. You should look into the array of classes, it's SO inexpensive. The price includes a week of class, food and lodging! It would be fun to meet a group of fellow artists there!
Stay tuned, we are bringing a computer and camera!

Two Bees said...

(sorry about the spelling, I'm so tired!)