Sunday, July 5, 2009

Where was I?

Please forgive me, I'm playing catch-up, big time! This was one of the last photo's I took in Young Harris before Jeff and I headed out to Savannah...where we have been since yesterday. I promised to post some photos of "Show & Tell" from Friday, so here are some of the final pieces from Week 11 at William Holland School of Lapidary Arts.

Stone Carving

Fused Glass

Sliver 2 / Forming, (my next class) don't be confused because of the size of the pieces the process is taught in copper. Students can work in their own silver if they wish.

Karens Collection of Cabichons (Final tally, 59!)

Jeff's collection of Fine Silver from Casting Class

These photos were taken just before lunch on Friday, we had about 3 additional hours before the big cleanup so I got 4 more stones completed before the end of the week. I am very satisfied with my work!

I asked Jeff to take some photos of his class, the casting process is very interesting;

Jeff's preformed wax pieces

Melting the silver and getting ready to pour.

Finishing on the polishing wheel.

Broom Casting
(If you look at Jeff's collection of finished pieces, the broom casting creations are the one's all the way on the right in the top row. This is a process is a fun process of gathering broom straw (soaking it in water) then melting the silver and pouring it in the wet straw. the final result is very organic and can be made into some really cool designs.)

Friday evening another local Art School, John C. Campbell Folk School had a Blue Grass Festival. We loaded up the JTD with fellow students and headed out. During the concert I had a chance to walk around their facility, it is beautiful...

Woodworking Mill

Jewelry / Metalwork Studio
Pottery Kiln Shed
Friday came and went much too soon for all of us. We said our good bye's and headed out to Savannah just in time for July 4th fireworks!

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