Sunday, September 28, 2008

I've been a-wonder'n

"...what possess folks to blog?"

(I'm a newbie here so please be patient with me on this.)

I've been home alone here for three days now trying to spend every non-employment, waking hour in my new Studio. (Yes the room is so named, please note the uppercase "S".) It's not working so well, not the Studio mind you, the spending the hours in there I was hoping for.

Maybe I should start at the beginning...

We've been in this new house for almost 2 years now and we've been walking past this 4th room filled with...I'm not too sure. I asked the hubby about tearing out the carpet and making it a Studio and he said "sure" then went back to reading his magazine.

Did he really hear me?

Three months later I have The Studio.

Now it's not completely finished but you know it's good enough to push out stuff like this in just a couple of hours...

So back to "Why Blog?"
Call it inspiration, maybe.

This whole Silver Smithing is new to me, The Studio is about a week old. I find myself wanting to document my progress as well as share what I am learning.

My life is hardly worth documenting but there are there folks out there interested in what I have to say or do? I guess I will find out...

See ya'll soon!


Sunny said...

I finally found your blog!!!

Two Bees said...

Thanks for the persistence!