Saturday, January 24, 2009

Extra Special Orders...and such

I've been claiming that I have been slow on the blog uptake due to the load of work (the dreaded FTG) and "Special Orders". Well it is time for me to confess: you see I really have had special orders, promise. (I'd cross my fingers but my typing would suffer and never mind using a torch!) Yesterday I finished a pair of earrings for Sneaky Anne who perused my Sold Items and found something she liked, hence Anne's Special was created.

One of my special Farmers Market clients requested a necklace to match a pair of earrings that she bought from me months ago but the best Special Order was for

"Doll Face"

This ring is a collaboration between Krystal O. and myself. I met Krystal at a holiday event we both participated in together, when I saw this face I knew exactly what I wanted to create. Krystal and her partner "Gutter Jim" run a shop named Zombie Head on Etsy. Now, while Krystal's pieces are a bit outside of the mainstream (that is, after all, her goal) her talents are screaming obvious. I made this ring yesterday and wore it while I was out running errands today, I got a ton of compliments on it...I love this piece thanks Krystal! I will be ordering more of these faces. Keep an eye out in the shop for them.

On the home front our "cold" weather seems to have passed for now, we're out of the 20's, finally! Today was back up in the 60's and gloriously bright. I walked to our little Minneola Post Office in shorts! The banana tree looks like it has gone through hell and back but I've been told to just leave it alone, it will be green again soon...I hope so it looks pathetic! For my closing piece I would like share my little corner of the sky with you. We tell people all the time that we live in "The Hills of Florida" then we are met with the strangest looks. Well here was this evening's sunset in my world.

The roof line on the lower left is our humble abode. This photo was taken in my own backyard which I think is almost a 45 degree angle! The valley, which is our community, sprawls out below and the main road is a mile back up the hill!

See, I told you so!

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Kaerie Faerie said...

your jewelry is very cool, love the face, that had to be hard.
Yes, we live in happy land, and it has hills for the cows!
All the grass is brown and Kerry doesn't quite know what to do about it, I told him leave it alone, it will grow back!