Thursday, December 3, 2009

Things that make you go "Eh?"

There are some things that I do that just make no sense at all.
(To me or anyone else for that matter!)

There are things that happen to all of us that make us wonder just what is going on.
Things that Surprise us...Good
and some not so...

When I began this adventure in Silver my instructor asked us all to draw our projects...this worked well for about the first 3 classes!
Then my imagination began to stream and my iprovisational side over-rode the patient, planning me.

That is sort of what happened to this lucious piece of Orange Agate.

The stone has so many swirls of color, I could not focus on a design so I just did what it told me to do.

This for me was a GOOD surprise


In the Silver Lining shop tomorrow!


Kaerie Faerie said...

Hey, you, I'll try to see you Sat. after the Parade in Mt. Dora, unless they cancel it
I love that piece Sunset, is possible to make it into a necklace????

Eric March said...

How difficult is the Clay to work with?

I hear that when heated it can shrink up to 40%, how do you account for that when designing?


Two Bees said...

Hey Eric...funny you should ask, I am looking to becoming certified in Art Clay Silver since it is what is sold in our local supply house. ACS(Art Clay Silver)shrinks only 8-10%. They also sell a Low Fire ACS with shrinking only 8-9%, the lowest in the industry. How does that sound? go to Google, Images and search Art Clay will be amazed. There is another product called Precious Metal Clay...same concept.

Lois said...

New. Blog. Needed.

Thank you. :)