Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ode to Rainy Days

Puddles, that is what I have been calling them.
Just as every other student that has put a torch to metal I created some small domed earrings with a post...
Those are my "Puddles"...
I've never tried to make them perfectly round, perfectly textured, that's just not my style. My style? I call it more organic, less refined. Since the start of my Puddles they have progressed with Patina's and copper but now I am introducing a full line of Puddles and heading in another direction.
Unless you are a Silversmith that is the type that "casts" silver, every fabrication artist has the same situation, lots of "scrap", most of us send it out for refining. We all have silver dust from sawing and filing, bits of wire and plenty of cuttings. (Not to mention those entire pieces that just didn't work...)
The current state of my catch drawer...time for some capturing...
I often find myself sitting and looking at all of this valuable silver and wind up picking through it. It's a great reminder of just how far I have to go when I see those larger pieces that didn't make it. A number of times I have found myself rolling across to my soldering bench to try to create something, anything from all this scrap. (This is where I got the first little pieces that made my original Puddles.) I've come up with a couple of rings, small pieces that I have run through the rolling mill (waiting to be turned into pendants) and recently some very cool earrings.
Since today's weather denied me the privilege of attending the farmers market I stayed in to finish some projects. Last night I worked with Ceramit, (a polyester coloring product) that was introduced to me by my co-conspirators at FDJ. It is a coloring agent much like enamel but does not need the high temperatures of a kiln, it can be air cured or placed in a small oven at 250 degrees!
Here is my first attempt!
This is a much better result than my first try with enamel! I'm so happy.

The instructions say "shake gently" I will take that more seriously, I'm guessing that is the reason for the bubbles but I'm happy none the less!

Now obviously these babies will not make it to the Silver Lining shop but hold on I'm working on new stuff.
In the meantime you will have to settle for these creations:

headed to the shop this evening!


Kaerie Faerie said...

Your work is so amazing, wow, and you actually blogged, miss you
talk to you soon
I hope

Lois said...

New pretties! Thumbs up.

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Look at you GO!!!!! :)


We Three said...

These are beautiful!
I love your work. My son Joey and I miss seeing you at the Farmers Market. New York is great and looking forward to the spring here when all the markets and fairs start up again. This winter has been a snowy one. More reason to miss Florida!
Take care and I'm keeping my eye on your blog! I'm making it a fav!