Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Thing About Spring...

Shortly after moving to Minneola Jeff and I had a conversation about living in the "country" and how we never would have seen ourselves living where we are today. Now please do not mis-understand me, we do not live on a farm, not in the least bit, but unlike most of our co-workers we are surrounded by farm land and animals.

(What do you think of when you hear Orlando, Florida?)

We do live in a "Community", not gated but a community non-the-less. Along with living in a suburb we live on a hill, again, not what you think of when you think of Florida. So we have a dilemma, living about 40 miles outside downtown Orlando we do get more land than others but it is on a 20 degree grade. Other than our pool area we really do not have much usable land to speak of so we make the best with what we've got and yesterday spring truly came to our little domain.

We have created a little sanctuary within our little screen area including a lime tree, palms, (also know as Houdini's tree) orchids and a new tomato plant. We worked for a good three hours on cleaning up our little area and the rains came.

Today we are ready for Spring...

Of course Spring also means showers which translates to time in the studio:
Oh, how I love this season!

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