Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Not just another day!

I would like to ask any one of you that are "makers of things" to watch this.

As Ira says I wish someone would have told me this sooner. I think we all have this feeling but are not aware of what it really is. This is what drives us to continue seeking, it causes some to quit and many to have doubt, unnecessary or otherwise. I found this clip very inspirational this week and have watched it over and over.

Many things are changing in my life, causing me to question my direction and goals and more importantly some of my past decisions. I am finding I do not wish to live in the past nor do I wish to go back. None of these things are bad, as a matter of fact the more I question the more confident I am becoming of my new goals. I am being pushed and that is always good for me.

As in my classes these past two weeks, I am learning much about myself and about my craft. Forcing myself to lean into places I have never been, turning corners I would have never found before..and enjoying myself and results.

The finished product is something I am proud of, in my work and the artist I am becoming. 

My pieces last week are a result of letting myself create.
The instructor, students, school, surroundings and my husband are all so supportive and inspiring.

William Holland is such a cradle of growth.
It will be where I mentally come when I need a retreat and feel the need for support in my work.

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