Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Through New Eyes!

I am lucky enough to be attending William Holland Lapidary School for a second time this season and I have a someone with me that is not only a student but a friend as well.
Laura is giving me the opportunity to see the school through new eyes again, she reminds me everyday of what a special place this is.

Thank you for being you Laura!

We are attending a week long workshop for Enameling and Cold Connections and were a bit surprised to discover the class is focusing on kiln enameling but we are loving every minute of it. Our instructor Renee Kelley is wonderful, patient and funny! By the time we all got back to our rooms last night we had all accomplished at least two projects and were well into our third, we were all excited and exhausted...and this was just day one!

My first project.

Renee doing a demonstration.

One of the techniques we learned on our first day was Water Color Enamels, Roger was my inspiration:

My second piece, Watercolor Enamels, silly!

We then moved into adding wire to our projects, I decided to make a pair of earrings to match my first project. It took a few tries but I am happy with the end result:

My Sgriffito  bird was the final project for day one, whew, and for me it dragged into day two but all in all it was a great day:

Moving right into day two, we all completed our partial projects and began a fold formed bracelet:

I love how this is beginning and can't wait to see how it comes out!


Frances Traina said...

i love that Sgriffito bird!

Two B's said...

Thanks Frances! He was a wonderful gift of a mis-happenstance!

Jeff Boyce said...

I like the watercolour enamels! Nice Kitty