Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Little Unexpected

I spend a few minutes most days stopping by the Etsy site named Gemcutter just to see what Mike has going on. I probably buy 50% of my stones online through Mike, I really like his stuff and I trust his photography to represent what he is selling. A few weeks ago he had a piece of Petrified Wood that I really could not believe. Please remember I am still new at this stone setting thing (not quite a year) so when I saw this beautiful pink and golden "stone" it really was hard to believe it was once a piece of wood. Into the shopping cart it went...and here is the end result:

This is one time I can say the name of my blog is fitting...Really?

I've joined this beauty with Rose Quartz, Citrine and some tiny pieces of shell on a wonderfully textured Sterling Silver chain. Please click here to see the other photos in

The Shop!


Lois said...

What a beautiful piece! I'd never guess it to be petrified wood either. Nature is grand.

Elaine said...

Hi! I discovered you recently via the wonderful Ms. Plume. It's been fun reading about your new designs and this adventure into cabs. The cabs you two made are amazing! Perhaps another Etsy store is in your future :)

Two Bees said...

Thanks Ladies! Elaine; The idea for the cabs will be my husbands project...but you are on the right track, that was the idea! I was going to keep doing my thing and Jeff would be cutting stones. Every once and a while I would scoop some from him but it was great fun. I'm glad I learned too!
We're already planning a trip to a gem show next weekend!