Friday, February 20, 2009

"Shape of my Heart"

There they were, in that too familiar place.
Standing in the airport gazing at each other he said "please think about it."
Just the night before he had asked her again to marry him, still no answer.

He was leaving but she knew he would come back, he always did.

As the final boarding was called she looked at him with tears in her eyes, "one day you're going to leave and not come back".
So that was it, she said it, her words hanging in the space between them. He smiled, took both of her hands and kissed her. When she finally opened her eyes he was still there, he said, "That's not the shape of my heart."

As he turned to board the plane the chain sliped between his fingers into her hands.
She would say yes, she knew she had to,
but it would have to wait...until he came back.
Shape of my Heart is a Mexican Flame Agate with a Druzy pocket. Like most of our hearts, this stone is full of fire, a bit broken but even the holes are beautiful, with just a touch of Gold! SOMH can be found in my Silver Lining shop.

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