Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Rocks

Jeff and I were out for our daily walk early(ish) this morning and he asked where the Easter Bunny came from? He asked this like a little one asking where babies come from...

The only answer I could think of was "Hallmark", there was no reply, we finished our walk... He asked this as we were walking past a house that had 2' plastic eggs displayed on their front lawn, it was strange. (Is it because we don't have kids?)

In an attempt to tie this together; As adults we had a sort of egg "shaping" evening last Tuesday. It was a very successful evening at the Rock Cutting shop, thank goodness, since the earlier 3 visits were a bit disappointing. Maybe we're just needing the practice. Mike, Gem Cutter, gave me some Mozarkite a few weeks ago and I FINALLY finished 1 piece!

(I'm telling you it's been a difficult few weeks!)

Jeff on the other hand has been doing much better than I. Here is one beautiful stone he finished this week:
(We have no idea what it is but I can't wait to set it!)

I've worked on this one for almost 3 sessions:

Again, no idea what it is...We need to get better at this! How on earth am I going to sell these things if I don't know what they are?

All in all it was a very successful week with the CFGMS. Wednesday night we walked out with this collection:

So...2 out of 6 are mine...I'm working on it...but aren't they pretty?

Much better than all that sugar for Easter!


Elaine said...

Happy Easter! Wow, those cabs look great!!! I can't imagine how much fun it is to make a piece of jewelry knowing that each and every bit of the process has been entirely created by you and yours. Can't wait to see more!

Lois said...

These are GORGEOUS! The one you worked on for three sessions? It is so serene ... like a misty mountain morning. Keep this one in mind for me, please. I promise I won't send any more creepy talking bunnies.

I really like Jeff's efforts too. He's becoming quite the cab artist, isn't he?

Two Bees said...

Hello Ladies, thanks for the compliments! Yes Elaine, it WILL be fun and exciting! I've yet to set one of my own stones (except for one tiny one that is now a ring!) Lois, that talking Bunny was Super Creepy! Especially when I realized he knew my name and was talking to ME! I have no idea what I'm going to do with that stone yet...I'd feel much better if I knew what it was! Jeff say's "thank you"!