Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fresh New Plans

I'm trying like crazy to catch up and now I'm headed on another
"New Path".
This is pretty usual for me, once things get into some sort of rhythm "BAM" along comes a huge obstacle that I never expected.
I must love walking the edge, I find myself there all the time.
In an effort to keep up I bring you some quick fancies that I have created in the past few weeks:

Picasso's Dream will be in the Herding Cats shop tomorrow.

I purchased a gaggle of these vintage glass beads and joined them with brass for a classic look with a touch of fun! They too will be in Herding Cats soon!

Reflect is already in the Silver Lining shop, waiting for you!

Golden Sunshine is a new favorite of mine!
Have a great Friday and I hope to catch up on the weekend!

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