Sunday, October 18, 2009

What the heck???

It's Sunday and for those of you that follow along here that means the day was spent at the Clermont Farmers Market.

Now if you saw last Sunday's post you will agree Something Strange IS IN DEED going on here. Take a look at some images from today's market:

Jane being...Jane!

Cheryl and Joan trying to figure out why Bradley is wearing shorts!

Tiffany hoping all her shrimp sells so she can finally stop putting her hands in ice all afternoon!

Do you notice anything out of sorts with this collection of photos?

Last Sunday it was 96 degrees.

Today when we got to the market at 7:30am it was 54 degrees!

Now I realize for all of you folks up north 54 would be downright balmy but for was really cold.
(Considering the wind was about 15 mph right along with it.) EVERYONE was cold, even Jeff was wearing 3 layers! It seems we have gone right from the main heat of summer to...okay I won't say it, it would just sound utterly ridiculous to the rest of you.

I'll just move on...
I promised I would finally post the new kite necklace once I finished it, I'm much happier with it now:
"Fly Away" will be posted on the Silver Lining site this evening.

I've got to go unpack my sweaters now and put away my shorts...have a great week!

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The Noisy Plume: said...

Hey toots!
Just a quick note to say that I've missed you over at my blog! Thanks for the comment today! AND I dig your kite design -- I sketched a kite idea when I was in Seattle this summer and have yet to whip it up. YAY and good work!!!