Monday, October 12, 2009

That feeling of eye's on you...

We have all felt it.
The strange feeling that someone is watching you. What is that feeling called...
...other than creepy?
A few weeks ago I was in the studio working, it was a beautiful day. The type of day that beckons me to leave and go jump in the pool but I won't cause I'm getting so much done I can't seem to tear myself away. I get in a groove; listening to The Splendid Table or Pandora for hours on end and draining my acetylene tank at alarming rates.

At one point I felt eyes on me which is super creepy cause the boys were both outside asleep and Jeff was at work. I glanced around to the door, the window...and saw nothing..."maybe I'm inhaling too much gas." About 3 minutes later...there it was again. This time I thought I heard the slightest tapping on the window...

His name is Larry and let me tell you he does not like it one bit when my back is to him, which is when I am soldering mind you. I've got some video of him doing the head bop thing and tapping on the window...unfortunately it is sideways and I can't figure out how to turn it around. (If anyone can help I will get it posted cause it's great!)

This is not the end of this story 'cause yesterday Larry sent his buddy Rex over, there was that feeling all over again!

Where Larry is the shy and flirtatious type, tapping every time I turned my back on him, Rex is the hang out at the bar using pick up lines type. When I walked over and slightly tapped on the window he would raise his front...what do you call those things...paw (?) and try to tap back! He is much bigger than Larry with that comb thing going on from the crown of his head to almost the middle of his back. He's gotta be 10" long with all of his tail...until he gets inside the cats domain of the screen enclosure. The watch out're a snack for Houdini.

What was going on in the studio was the usual fair, sort of. I've finally gotten up enough nerve to try cutting a kite shaped stone since the success of my "Windy" pendant and I am very proud to say It came out much better than I could have hoped!

I'm not crazy about the chain and the stones that I have incorporated in to it so I'm not considering it done but as soon as it is you'll see it here, promise!

So now you know how I spend my afternoons "alone", so to speak.

Apparently there are a lot of eye's around!


susie said...

What a cute little curious lizard!
P.S. Love the painted pony ring from the other day - amazing stone!

Two Bees said...

Thanks Susie! Our cat Roger has his own Lizard buddy, he hangs out in the front of the house by the front door! They spend the morings together. I call them our Florida Dinosaurs!