Friday, October 8, 2010

A New Love

I've fallen in love with "piercing", not the type you might think of in the conventional sense.
In the fabrication of jewelry there is a technique called piercing where-in you pierce a hole in the silver sheet, feed the jewelers saw blade through the hole and begin hand sawing the design from the center rather than from one edge. If one is careful enough both the positive and negative of the pattern can be used.

Here is a perfect example:
This is the positive of my Seahorse Necklace

My Seahorse Pendant is the negative of the same sheet of sterling silver.

Earlier I showed (off, ahem...) my Sandhill Crane pendant which was completed in my class in September. I knew from the moment I saw her (her name is Betty) that she was mine but the delightful pair above are headed right to the Silver Lining Shop, as are the following pieces:

House on the Hill Necklace

All but my House on the Hill  are part of my new collection and I can promise there will be many more of them to come. In the coming days I will also take some photos of how this process is done but for now take a jump over to the shop and you will see many more photos of them all!
As my good friend Cristina would say "Ta-ta for now!"

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