Thursday, October 7, 2010

TNwJ and Other Stuff

In an attempt to catch up my usual Tuesday Nights with Jim will also include some photos from last Saturday's Maitland Art Festival. While reviewing the photos I realize I have very little from the festival and artists themselves but lots of area photos.
I think this has to do with most of the conversation that was going on around the festival...everyone was talking about the weather. Things have finally turned the corner here in Central Florida which means it's finally comfortable enough to not only attend a festival but it's actually enjoyable enough to sell at one as well! The hours of the event were a bit crazy for the vendors on Saturday, from 10am-10pm but it made for a wonderful way to see the festival during the best hours around the lake.

 This is by far the coolest band shell I have ever seen!

Jeff was kind enough to come along and enjoyed the art, park and music as much as I did.

A friend and co-worker Walt Barrows had a booth and we stopped by to say hello. As usual I took no photos but I highly recommend you take a look at his amazing watercolor work!

On to Tuesday...this particular night I brought no projects with me, I was completely focused on helping Jim. All three ladies in the class were / are very close to completing their first projects so things can get crazy, lots of finishing and always a bit of rushing.

One completed pendant, Very nice for a first piece!
A large ring well on it's way to being done, polishing and setting is all that's left!

And one pendant with a surprise, can't wait to see this done!

Jim explaining the importance of a final polish or...Quantum never know with him!

Two weeks ago I started another set of fabrication classes at Crealde with Stefan Alexandres, he is a wonderful  repousse, filigree and all around  jeweler. I hope to have some photos of those classes soon!

Until then!

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