Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Another session of "Tuesday Nights with Jim" has begun.
Last night was week three of the last session of the year and everyone of the students are moving right along!
At this point in the program we've progressed through the basics of soldering. Everyone is now comfortable with the torch in their hand, maybe not on their own project but with it in hand none the less!

Jim doing another soldering demo, he's captivated everyone.

Last week I worked through 3 bezels for some more of Jeff's glass, I used them as a demo for soldering a bezel to a back-plate.

Jeff's glass was a success at the Farmers Market on Sunday so I'll be working my way through bezel setting some of his pieces in the coming weeks.

Since my last visit to William Holland I have taken to piercing sterling...I love it. I cleaned up my Sandhill Crane and added a hidden bail on the back:

Since there is a Sandhill Crane family that makes our community their home I'm keeping this one.
Besides, it is my first project of this type!

I also just completed a bear pendant that will be strung with some rough turquoise and silver, it will soon be added to the Silver Lining shop:

I think there will be many more of these projects in my future!

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