Monday, September 27, 2010

Orders and Projects

My first Sunday back at the Farmers Market and I could not be happier.
Okay, maybe if it wasn't 92 degrees but heck, it didn't rain!
All in all it was a great welcome back!

One of my first customers was someone that had never been to my booth before, Cathy had taken interest in my Spinner Rings when she started reminiscing about a ring she had long lost.
She described it as a 3 band ring that was intertwined and she would roll the bands over each other. She spoke longingly of how she missed that ring and when I mentioned that I could make her another one she was thrilled.

It's been a while since I've made a "Russian Wedding Band" or "Rolling Band Ring" so I got home and cooked up a couple, it was just like riding a bicycle. Here is my first test:

Just as I remembered!

...and here's your ring Cathy:

 Thanks for helping me remember this project!
Special Delivery, next Sunday.

When I got home I began another project, my first spoon...without the guiding hand of an instructor.
When we were making these up at William Holland I was so excited about getting started I forgot to take notes. Later in the day I began writing what I could remember but while looking at the notes later in the evening I realized I had not done a very good job. I've been thinking about starting one just so I can go through the process and write it down...while making the mistakes!
I'm proud, yes, there were some steps I completely forgot but heck...I think I've done pretty well on my own!

It's not polished yet but I still think it's not bad for a first solo flight!

Since we're on the topic of projects during the summer I began working with a product called ICE Resin, here are the results:

Weekend Away.

How Time Flies.

As to be expected there was a bit of a learning curve with this product but I am quite happy with the results. When it comes to this resin I am very excited to have all kinds of projects brewing in my head, just thinking of the colors and shapes makes me dizzy!

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