Monday, February 28, 2011


Every once and a while I hear someone say it..."It's over", and I try not to get too excited.

I don't believe it.

Anyway, "Winter" in Florida, ha!

Who are we to speak of weather...
...but you know what it seems there are signs of Spring everywhere!

Inside and out everything seems to be bouncing back to life...

Our little lime tree that gave us no fruit last year...

Our Ruby Red Grapefruit tree that has been very tentative for the past TWO years is overloaded with soon to be sweet smelling buds!

 My beloved Ms. Figgy.
We planted her late last year and she bravely hung onto her tiny unripened  figs through the first three frosts!
She's coming back strong!

The temperature jumped right into the high 70's then 80's this past week. Jeff and I took the kayak for a walk down to the lake and braved the winds for a morning out, it was wonderful to have the warm sun on my back again! 

After the lake I was so full of solar energy I began a new round of etching...
Here are my results and am I ever happy with these!!

The first round of earrings went to the the Market this weekend,
 none of them made it home.
This is a good thing!

More to come by the end of the week, promise!


We Three 3 said...

those etched pieces are terrific! i miss that Farmer's market:)

skinner studio said...

What beautiful pictures! It's still cold here (in CA) but the blossoms and buds are popping out. I hope it turns warm soon.