Friday, February 4, 2011

Days Like Today

All I see is fog and rain...

I love days like today...not just that it's Friday...
Partly it's the weather, it's also simply lazy.
Things will get a little crazy later but for now I'm wonderfully slow.

I struggle with wanting to be in the studio or just hanging about puttering.
The boys are so different from each-other,
I get to see a little bit of both in my indecision.

Roger NEEDS to be outside.
No matter the weather. 
He is only still when he falls asleep and he fight this until he can't sit up any longer.

Houdini on the other hand, well...

...he'll take a window seat or blanket, any-where, he knows what to do!

Although my days have been mostly busy with my FTG and seem to be getting busier things have been progressing in The Studio. After the holiday crunch I took some time for me but soon classes were starting up again and TNWJ have begun again. Photos will probably begin this up coming week.

The Market has been good, steady and with Valentines day coming up I thought I'd better get moving.

Calling All Swans


All items will make it to the Silver Lining shop in just a while.

Until then, enjoy what-ever Mother Nature brings you, since there is nothing we can do about it anyway!


Kaerie Faerie said...

soooo pretty, it was misty and fabulous this morning
at the ORL boat show

tkmetalarts said...

You have some really beautiful work. Love your textures.