Saturday, May 7, 2011

Full Load

It's been an absolutely crazy month but I am finally at the end of the Spring Art Festival season. For most of the country spring in just beginning but here in Central Florida it's already getting HOT! I cut myself off in June.
I usually take the summer off from the Market and weekend festivals to get ready for the fall season and the holidays...yes, I mean Christmas, insane, eh?

In the past few months I've been finding myself in a bit of a quandary. Since I have a FTG (I call this my "Full Time Gig, the thing that supports my habit".) I've been focused on keeping to smaller local arts and crafts shows, events I can apply to short term. I've been in a couple of situations where I find this is not working for me and I'm struggling, mentally.

I've taken a big leap of faith this past season and I hope it pays off.
I've come across another fabulous jewelry artist, Marty Whipple who has betrothed me with some new displays. We were introduced by the fine folks at FDJ and have spent just a short period of time together but I hope it is the beginning of a long friendship.
I raced to get my new displays together for my last show of the season at Ormond Beach so I can get some photo's...what'cha think?

They are beautifully handmade with so much love and care I could feel it while I was working on them. I could feel them push out good karma!
Now that I have my booth headed in another direction I have jumped into the world of Fine Art Festivals, I'm so nervous. This means applying to shows months in advance (which is like throwing darts blind-folded in my line of work) and being judged by photos, this is nail biting for me.
I've applied to 4 shows and all of them are in the fall; two in the Central Florida area, one on the west coast of Florida and one in the Atlanta area.
Now it's just wait and see!
I hope all my hair does not fall out by the time I hear!

Meanwhile in The Studio I've been trying to crank out new work. Along with getting all this work done there's photographing it, getting to class on Tuesday nights, getting to the Gem Society and now I'm helping organize the First Friday event at Ivanhoe Village!

Here's some new work that has made it through the process:

 Ocean Gold



Now I'm going to try to get these pieces in the shop by tomorrow!

Happy Mothers Day!

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