Monday, November 10, 2008

An Ernest Effort

(Take 2...I just lost the whole ^&*%$ thing...)

In an attempt to keep my promises I fear I might be doing this blog a great injustice. As I sit at this computer the beading bench behind me in the office is a complete disaster:

Another great Beloved Beading Bench in disarray. Time was not too long ago I could not go more than 3 days without sitting here.

Now I'm not going to lead anyone astray, this mess was not created in one day. No it's been this way for a while, partially a result of an afternoon frantically trying to get two pieces ready for this past weekends 2 events. May I introduce:

Bahama Sands

I wrote a short bit ago that I will no longer be selling pendants, they will all be incorporated into necklaces. (This lovely little gem has been posted on the Silver Lining Shop this evening.) I just love the colors of the Laguna Agate beside the Peruvian Opal and Citrine.

Most importantly this means that my beloved Beading Bench will not be neglected much longer. Once I begin producing more of these beauties I will be spending more time with all of those gorgeous gems patiently waiting for me to come back!

I also spent some of the weekend finishing a ring featuring my first piece of Druzy:

Moon Dust

A wonderful wide hammered band with touches of 14 caret gold, accent the colors in the center of this huge collection of little sparkles!

Have a wonderful, peaceful evening!

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Lois said...

More lovely pieces ... make me drool. Love the new necklace! I'm going to hold out though until the muse strikes you with one of the stones you emailed earlier to me.

Keep the good work coming!