Friday, November 28, 2008

Never as planned

I am going to look to this holiday season as a lesson learned ("Yet another?" I ask myself!)

It is now the day after Thanksgiving and I find myself without enough items in my Silver Lining shop and nothing really new in Herding Cats either. I have been trying to get new silver items made and spend some time at my neglected beading bench but 5 days off from the FTG (full time gig) don't seem to be working out the way I would like them too.

I got 2 new pieces done in the days just before my folks showed up for Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday by the way...)
and I now find myself torn between sitting in the livingroom visiting or hiding in The Studio creating... (So here I am posting a blog instead?) What to do, what to do...I've got to find a way to get back to work...or have I missed the holidays already?


Sunny said...

Nah- Take it from me- visit with the Parents and do the studio stuff will be there indefinitely and the parents won't.

Always- Family first- THEN normal life stuff.
Hope you had a wonderful Thankgiving as I did, hun!!

Two Bees said...

You are so right Sunny! We did have a nice quiet Thanksgiving, Jeff and I did all the cooking while mom knitted and dad read. I try real hard to get them to ususally does not work!
Enjoy your leftovers!

Kaerie Faerie said...

working during the Holidays is tricky, you grab a minute here and there, wish my parents would come and visit, the nordics like the snow!