Sunday, November 16, 2008


Mid-week I discovered that I did not have to work the "Full Time Gig" on Sunday and quickly called to see if I could slip into my beloved Farmers Market. I thought it would be the responsible thing to do, being the holidays and all... but behold there was no room! For a short time I contemplated looking for another place to set up my tent on a chilly sunny Sunday morning, then I suddenly felt a strange sense of relief. I had most of Saturday to myself in The Studio then Saturday evening was spent in The Office Gallery in downtown Orlando displaying pieces from both Silver Lining and Herding Cats collections. It was a great evening amongst some old and new friends. I got home and unloaded by 11pm and waltzed right back into the studio knowing that I no-where to rush too in the morning! (Jeff was please also since he did not have to wake up at 7am to help me after working till 2am at his FTG.) We got up early, Jeff had to be at work by 9am, I ran some errands and picked up a small breakfast souffle.
What a treat the boys and I sat outside, in the sunshine enjoying breakfast.

Roger in his usual place. He's a crazy Bengal who loves water...

...Houdini, our "Tree Cat". He can, has and will spend all day sleeping in that plant pot!

Once breakfast was done I headed in to the computer for some much needed ETSY updating. I was signed up as a Showcase Artist today so some minor maintenance was needed. About a half hour later I headed into the studio and the fun began. I finished Christina's creation today. This is the first piece I have made that had more than 10 solder joints...not an easy task but it's done, finally! It's hard to tell by this is a beautiful purple Drusy and a small Amethyst.
I photographed some pieces that I have completed in the past 2 days...

Picasso Collection


...and expended many calories shuttling between The Studio and the computer keeping my Showcase updated at least every other hour.

The end result is 2 (maybe 3) items sold today!

Now that may not be a big deal for some of those longtime, big producers at Etsy but considering I missed a day at the Market AND I got to spend the day making stuff I am very excited.

Oh and by the way, you might not see this on in the shop since I am thinking about keeping it, I love the colors!

Have a great week, see ya'll soon!


Lois said...

I loooove the first piece with the amethyst. Lucky Christina!

Happy to hear that you had a good weekend in spite of not getting a booth at the Farmer's Market.

Have a great week!

Kaerie Faerie said...

I love your cats, does he get sick when he drinks the pool water?
See you first Friday in Eustis, hope you have necklaces left!

Two Bees said...

Hey Kaerie,
No as a matter of fact tehy both drink out of the pool but no worries it's a saltwater pool. By the time the filter is done processing there is hardly any salt left...and no chlorine! (Good for us and good for our pocketbook too!) See you Friday!