Friday, December 26, 2008

This week, it's all about ME and YOU!

...Sorry Lula...not just you!

Being an "After Christmas Special", as my dad always called me, I have always loved the week from Christmas through New Years day. It always seemed to be "all about me" and what kid wouldn't love that?

My poor Jeff doesn't get much of a break since we got married on New Years Day either! For me the holidays seem to fly from, my favorite, Thanksgiving to Christmas but it's the week following that I love. As a kid I always felt so special since school was always closed during the week of my Birthday. True, I never had a Birthday party at school nor could I ever have a pool party growing up on Long Island but it has always seemed like a week long celebration. When I was in high school my dad would always take me to Manhattan on the Wednesday of that week to buy a new piece of camera equipment and we always had Carvel ice-cream cake to celebrate too! Now our anniversary gets to end the week of celebration, you can't get any better.

Well, it seems only fitting that as I get older (finally?) I learn to share this week of celebration with all of you!

In the spirit of ALL of this weeks holidays, in both shops; Herding Cats and Silver Lining there will be no charge for shipping.

I have added some newer items to the Silver Lining shop that were completed before the holidays but I was way too crazed to photograph and post:

Golden Plume, Noreea, Willow Creek Hike

I hope each and everyone of you will continue to enjoy your "Holiday Season".

I know I will!


Kaerie Faerie said...

Hi Barb
Happy New Year and Happy all the other life stuff your celebrating, it is nice to see the specs gone, must be great to be able to see like a kid! I love all the new jewelry your work is wonderful. Are you participating in the OWOH event? Getting the hubby ready to go up north and freeze, busy with business stuff! See you next year!

Lois said...

Hey Barb!

We just returned from our road trip and I realized that I missed your birthday (again) and your anniversary. The latter is no excuse because we were there on beach with you! Not so the former. So anyway, Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to you and Jeff! A nicer couple there could never be. Even my Mom says so.

May you continue to sell loads of your beautiful jewelry in 2009
(much of it to me :D). You do NOT have to grow up. Just be happy.

Love and hugs,