Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another Secial, Special Order

About a month ago I showed off (cause I way too giddy to keep it to myself!) the piece I won the ribbon with in Deland. Well while I was at the Ormond Beach Art in the Park a customer came to the booth and really took to the design but did not like the stone much. It just so happened that I had a new collection of stones so I let her play for a while.

She selected a piece of Polish Flint (which is a stone which I had never seen before.) for the same style setting.

Tonight I finished it...

It's on it's way to Alice.

Have a great weekend, I will!


Lois said...

Really nice piece, Barb! Lucky Alice.

Sunny Rising Leather said...

I love Polish Flint!! That is a gorgeous and elegant setting :)


Two Bees said...

Thanks Ladies! Lois I hope you had a good trip to Orlando (sorry to miss you!) and Sunny you to Pokey!