Monday, May 18, 2009

Orlando, the City Beautiful

Sunday was a typical Farmers Market day for me with the exception of which Farmers Market! On the 3rd Sunday of each month the Lake Eola Farmers Market holds "Art Farm".

I was told about his event by "Love Alison" so I jumped at the chance, I was excited to be accepted.
I've done one other event at Lake Eola and love this location. Lake Eola is the gem of the Orlando downtown. A glistening lake with a beautiful water fountain. It is surrounded by walkways, picnic areas and some great downtown eateries. My favorite park of the park are the events held there. It is the perfect venue for everyone, vendors and patrons!
Art Farm was attended by the following artists who were very welcoming to me;

Gabbie G


Please click on each of their photos to go to their websites...all of their work is just wonderful!

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Kaerie Faerie said...

cool blog post, that is two in one day, are your warming up to the blog thingie, I love it Blog MaMa