Sunday, May 17, 2009

Saturday in Paradise

Moving on from Friday as quickly as I could I pushed right into Saturday with as much exuberance as possible. Jeff was not in any rush to begin the day so steady was the tone for the morning. After getting some chores done Jeff headed out to work and I to Faerie Land for the afternoon.

When most people think of Central Florida they usually think of hotels, souvenir shops and Disney but I too forget that this beautiful land is filled with cow pastures, timberland and farms of all sorts. I had a wonderful drive up to Kaerie Faerie's place and was greeted by all that flutter and swim.

(Kaerie is a very talented soft sculpture artist and costume designer but her heart lives with her Faeries, I strongly suggest you take a peek at her blog.) Upon entering this little world it took me a while to adjust to all the goings on but in no time it was off to work.

After talking for a while Kaerie and I were setting up the area out on the patio to begin shooting some photographs when we heard some giggling in her studio. At first Kaerie just rolled her eyes..."they're just being girls.." but it went on for a while and I thought I heard something that sounded like change or metal.

We both looked at each other and snuck back into the studio and sure enough they were up to something.

I had brought my inventory of rings up to show Kaerie since I had not seen her in a while and what do you think those mermaids were into? They had dug thought the box to find my Ocean Jasper Rings that I call "Hidden Treasures"...what else would make sense for mermaids to find?
They are going straight to the shop before they disappear!

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Kaerie Faerie said...

See what happens when you come to faerie land you get giddy from the sparkly dust!
Thanks for the great post, and the shout out, the pictures are fab, learned a lot, love that camera, and the jewelry looked lovely against Marsh Mermaid's mint green tail