Sunday, September 25, 2011

Land and Sea

I am torn,
but there is no need for decisions,
not now,
not yet.

Every once and a while Jeff and I have this discussion:
J: "Where do you wish to live?"
(Other than Florida.)
B: "Why do we have to move?"

We don't you see,
but this happens at least once a year.
Savannah (SCAD?),
Athens (GA)?

I love the mountains
but... I can never leave the ocean,
you see.
The ocean has been a part of me since I was small,
swimming before I was walking.
I must have the sea.
(Sorry, a lake will not do.)
But at least once a year...
...I must have the trees,
the green,
the distance to look over
to see the next mountain top.

Once the sping comes I long for the height,
the trip that will take me from the salt of the ocean
to the dampness of moss underfoot.

For now we will be happy where we are,
we will continue to build our dreams of
..."where to next?"

Land and Sea Series:

Both in The Shop tonight!

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