Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sandy Springs

I spent the past weekend in Sandy Springs Georgia visiting and showing, what a great trip it was. This was my first out of state show and first large Art Festival show Jeff for support. I got the van packed up and drove out of town a couple of days early to spend some much needed time with Melody. The night of the setup the temperature dropped, what a joy to wake up to 60 degree air!

I had such a fabulous collection of artists around me.
Directly on stage right was Andrew Jackson Pollack, yes that is his name and I could spend hours looking at his glasswork. I am so used to lampwork being just beads, his pieces opened my eyes to so much more. It was not till later that I realized that I had not taken any photos of his work!

So here's a photo swiped off his website...go take a look you will be amazed.

Just a bit beyond Andrew was Deb of Knick Knack Patty Whack Creations, Melody and I took to Deb right away. Her work is very creative and both Melody and I are pround owners of a piece of Deb's world. 

Last but not least was Mike Snowden of Snowden Guitars, who was to my left. Mike was our constant source of entertainment before the show opened right to the end. I strongly urge any musicians out there to visit Mikes pages, and I do mean pages. Mike builds and plays cigar box guitars...and he is amazing! Right on his homepage he has a YouTube link to a rock'n piece you should not miss.
Here is Mike in action in his booth entertaining a crowd as he did most of the weekend!


So back to the show, my booth looked great this was the second time I have used the new displays and they worked out well.

 I even got compliments from the show manager, that makes me happy!

My next event will be at Church Street District (formally known as Chruch Street Station) in downtown Orlando on the evening of September 24th.  They are sponsoring the first Art and Wine event, come on down and check-out what is going on downtown in O-Town!

I will also be posting more fall events on my facebook page so keep an eye out!

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Jenipher Lyn said...

Your display looks so great Barbara! How did you do at the show?

Have a lovely day!
Thanks for the blog comment! ;)