Thursday, September 8, 2011

You Can't Fool Me!

I was in bed reading early this morning when Jeff walked into the room saying "you really should run this morning, it's beautiful outside". Now first off he knows I ran yesterday...which means another form of exercise is scheduled for today. What it is can be anyones guess..but it won't be running, maybe the bike? But what exactly does he mean by beautiful?
We live up on a hill just one house behind the top of the hill and it was only 6:30am, it was still a bit grey, maybe we were just in that other houses shadow or was it really just dawn? (Oh damn, it's September already!)

I got up and looked at the thermometer, what? 72 degrees?

Well, that got me out of bed! It's 2:30pm and I still have yet to do any exercise but I have gotten a boat-load of stuff done, yes, really.

The boys are still outside, which is unusual, they are typically asleep in the AC but there is NO AC today! All the windows are open and the fans whirring, it's just what I and the house needed. I know, soon enough it will be back up in the mid 90's but I'll take it!

So I've gotten a shop update done, and am here to show you today's features!

As far as The Shop is concerned, summer is over and new pieces will be hitting often. Some other changes are taking place, mainly a banner and name. Everything is turing over to Two Bee's Design's. OUR new cards are in and yes, Jeff is included. I have begun setting more of his glass not to mention that he has always help cut the stones. Credit where credit is due. Lot's of pieces will be re-photographed, I'm getting back to some basics as far as my photos are concerned.

Please let me know what you think of the new look and keep an eye out for new work.

Thanks for swinging by!

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We Three 3 said...

Facing West is gorgeous! LOvely work!!