Saturday, May 29, 2010

Days Away...

I am one of the lucky ones.
My husband and I used to spend a week in the Blue Ridge on Motorcycles as our summer vacation but for the past two years this event has been canceled.
We NEEDED something else to do.
Last year we discovered William Holland.
Some husbands would say, "that's great, find someone to go with you and have fun"...but my husband jumped right in, with both feet.

Sometime during last years program Jeff said, "There's a two week long class on wax and casting that I want to sign up for", was I ever surprised! While we're not headed up for two weeks we are under way for our classes again this year.

After a very trying week of getting our home (a/c) situation all cleared up and getting the usual stalling tactics out of the way...

We are in Athens, our regular stop along the way.

After a day of walking around and visiting our usual places we headed over to Jittery Joe's for our afternoon fix. We were then informed that although Joe's is not going away the old garage in 5 Points will be closing and will probably be torn down. 
This news was distressing enough to get us to settle in for a couple of hours...
( the end Jeff had too much coffee!)

In our wandering off our usual well beaten path we finally found Good Dirt. Anyone that knows me is aware of my love for all things pottery and clay. This is a gem of a studio. When I think of a pottery studio I think of a community and a vibe which this facility has plenty of. The studio is a huge old warehouse with a full gallery of pieces by no less than 25 potters, all of the work is beautiful and well worth the trip!

Our last stop of the day was a spectacular find and one I will implore anyone reading this and is within 200 miles to try...

I will say no more because I simply cannot speak words to convey my love for this venture. (I can say that I have tasted the best french fries ever!) You MUST try this place...and please take the time to go to their site!

We'll be on our way tomorrow...come on back for more!

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