Sunday, May 9, 2010

What's New in Clermont you ask?

Yesterday I changed locations of my downtown retail location and I am happy to announce that I am now partnering with Anne at Paper Dolls in their new location right on Montrose.

While I was visiting her new place I came across another new business, Not So Shabby is a "new" gently used home d├ęcor and home furnishings shop. It was there that I discovered my new display...

Not only is it the perfect size it even has scrolly things just like my earring display!
This is all thanks to my friend Christy at Tropical Cats Creations who was with us at the Ormond Beach show and has the most beautiful booth. She inspired me to do something new!

Since today was Mothers Day we had lots of families at our Farmers Market and plenty of the usual nonsense that comes all wrapped up in a little community such as ours. 

Tink had her usual run of the center part of the market, where I am located.
She brings all visitors and vendors to her level...

and does her best not to neglect ANY visitors.

She smiles at EVERYONE!

I spent most of my day watching "The Birds that Live in the S".
A couple of weeks ago they started redecorating there little abode and today they seemed to be at it in full force.

They even drew some attention from the "A" Family that live down the way a bit...

...but they did not waste too much time getting advice, they just kept on working.

I can't help but wonder if I will be finding some of those baby bird feathers soon...
Happy Mothers Day!

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