Thursday, May 20, 2010

Then there is Wednesday Nights...

It's time for me to move on...
It's been almost 3 weeks of no air conditioning in the house and I have been avoiding the studio...I can't take it any longer! Not only am I getting backed up in orders...I am going through acetylene withdrawals.  This is why there have been no posting of any new pieces...but that is about to come to an end.

Last night we spent the evening at the Gem Society and I have some beautiful new Blue Lace cabs to set...probably rings...

One has the prettiest little off-center drusy.

I scored some Tiffany Stone a while back which I had never cut before. It's a fairly thick piece and I thought I was going to spend the whole night just cutting the main shape but to my surprise it went through the saw like a warm knife through butter!

Jeff purchased a bunch of transparent agate slabs and is working on a whole bunch of beautiful pieces, he's got something brewing I'm sure...

Henrik of  TopShelfLapidary came by and worked for a while to keep us company and share in the good news of his success in the ETSY world!  Henrik is one of my local suppliers of rough and slabs and I am so glad he has joined ETSY. Anyone who is looking for quality stones will be just as happy. Please check out his shop.

Wednesday nights are usually pretty slow in the studio. Note I did not say quiet! Ed (aka: Ed in TNwJ) was having a field day cutting slabs. It seems Ed hit the jackpot with some internet purchases and was using the slab saws like crazy.

That's one beautiful piece of Imperial Jasper!


So, please everyone, send positive thoughts to the air conditioner repairman! I'm desperate to get some of these beautiful stones set!

Here's to your weekend!

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